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Documentary: The Gospel of Healing

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Free Porn Tube

Mature Amateur Tube the documentary The Gospel of Healing chronicles the church’s response to

black mega-churches with multi-million dollar facades and annual budgets to
match, small, nimble faith-based outfits nestled in rural and urban areas are
leading the charge in serving and mobilizing their communities against the
spread of HIVAIDS. Sometimes deploying methods that are effective, but widely
considered completely against traditional religious thought, many of these
organizations out perform their county and state-level public health departments
in the battle to save lives. Their work includes administering needle exchange
programs for intravenous drug users, passing out condoms outside of gay
nightclubs, setting up mobile HIV/AIDS testing units on church premises and
conducting testing events during church services. They are teaching prevention
inside of prisons, hosting large-scale support groups for women living and aging
with HIV as well as providing full-service primary care services on the premises
of the church for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Courtesy of The Gospel of Healing

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